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Tire Repair

We use the industry standard approach called plug and patch. We clean up the hole in the tread, get any debris out, plug the puncture with rubber and plies and patch the tire. 

  • ​$40 - Standard passenger

  • $45 - Light truck, SUV, Tesla & Runflat's. 


Mount & Balance

We offer professional tire mounting & balancing services. We use only industry leading Hunter Engineering equipment (Auto34 tire changer and GSP9700 Road Force balancer).

  • Standard Passenger - $35+

  • Low Profile, LT, AT - $40+

  • Stretch Tire - $50+


Tire Rotation

Why should you care about tire rotation? It’s one of the easiest ways to extend the life of your tires and get the most miles out of them. Unlike daily flossing, it’s a chore you only need to complete a few times a year. 

  • $40+ Most vehicles


Wheel Alignment

A vehicle that’s properly aligned:

  • Handles correctly

  • Achieves optimal fuel efficiency

  • Maximizes your tire life

  • Big Box Style Alignment - BigO, Firestone, Discount Tires, Etc. Type - $80

  • Standard Alignment - $120+

  • European - $130+

  • Lowered (OEM Specs) - $150+

  • Lowered & Custom Specs - $180+



Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

What is that light on your dashboard about tires? TPMS is in place to help keep you safe on the road and alert you if one or more of your tires has low tire pressure.​​

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call.
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